Fostering Innovation, Driving Business, Building a Community

World’s premier robotics business development event extended to include integrated series of presentations, augmented by hosted roundtables and community forums, including continuing coverage and analysis in Robotics Business Review.

Expanding and Extending RoboBusiness
Since its founding in 2004, the RoboBusiness Conference & Exposition has grown and evolved to become the world’s premier in-person robotics business development event. As the robotics sector has grown over that time, so to have the options to serve the international robotics community, as well as the means to accelerate the robotics sector as a whole. To that end, beginning in April 2020 the educational and community building aspects of the in-person RoboBusiness event are being expanded into the digital realm and beyond, to provide increased educational options, as well as extended opportunities for peer networking, business development and community building.

RoboBusiness Direct
This extension of RoboBusiness has a name – RoboBusiness Direct – direct to you and direct in consequence, namely, to foster robotics innovation in all its forms, expand robotics business opportunities, and build a community of like minded problem solvers with the goal of driving the growth of robotics businesses, as well as the global robotics sector.

RoboBusiness Direct is not a webinar, or virtual event, but instead it is an ongoing, integrated series of presentations delivered by brightest minds from the leading robotics and automation companies from around the world, augmented by hosted roundtables and community forums, including continuing coverage and analysis in Robotics Business Review. RoboBusiness Direct is designed to impart to business and engineering professionals the information they need to identify market opportunities, successfully develop and deploy the next generation of commercial robotics systems, and accelerate their businesses. Speakers, hosts and other participants will share their expertise and insights on a variety of topics in four subject areas:

  • Identifying Opportunities
  • Exploiting Technologies
  • Driving Business
  • Transforming Industries

You can find a listing of RoboBusiness Direct speakers and session topics, along with the dates and times of RoboBusiness Direct programs HERE.

RoboBusiness Transformed
Since its inception, the goal of the RoboBusiness Conference & Exposition has been consistent – to identify the most promising robotics opportunities, illustrate the leading technical, business and investment tends, as well as highlight public and private sector robotics business development initiatives designed to support robotics innovation and robotics sector growth.

With the addition of RoboBusiness Direct, that goal remains unchanged. But the idea of ‘RoboBusiness’ has been transformed, and the role of RoboBusiness expanded, strengthened and made much more impactful. RoboBusiness now becomes a unique, ongoing educational forum and continuing discussion among robotics and business leaders, broad in scope but narrow in purpose – to work in partnership to drive the business of robotics.

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