Refreshed Mobile Robot Line Shows Omron Adept’s Strengths

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January 25, 2017

It has been a little over a year now since Omron Corp. acquired Adept Technology Inc., and the time has passed quickly for the industrial and mobile robot maker.

Kyoto, Japan-based Omron acquired the American robotics company for the capabilities and skills of Adept’s engineering team along with the brand equity that it offered.

After the acquisition, Omron immediately got to work on Adept's fixed-robot line, going through every nut and bolt, circuit, and chip to produce the highest-quality systems possible.

Omron Adept Technologies Inc.'s vision is to create an integrated automation solution for the manufacturing floor that includes everything from programmable logic controllers (PLC) and sensors to motion controls and robotics.

Business Takeaways:

  • Omron took a while to absorb Adept Technologies’ robots into its product line and sales channel, starting with fixed robots.
  • After a period of re-engineering and expansion, Omron Adept has released the Mobile Robot LD product line. These autonomous systems are intended for factories and warehouses.
  • Omron Adept’s attention to technical detail, approach to its markets, and willingness to invest in staff are examples of how collaborative and mobile robot makers can stay competitive.

Integration and mobility

Since the acquisition, Omron Adept has effectively expanded the engineering team, increased the sales channel, and improved the supply chain with Omron’s global resources. The first priority over the past year for Omron has been to fully integrate the fixed-robot business and produce revenue within the Omron channel.

In addition, the company had to figure out a strategy for Adept’s mobile robot business, about which it has been quiet. That is until Friday, when Omron Adept launched its Mobile Robot LD product line.

What’s new under the hood?

So besides retiring Adept Lynx product name, what’s new in the Mobile Robot LD? (Editor’s note: The Lynx autonomous intelligent vehicle, or AIV, won a Robotics Business Review Game Changer Award in 2015.)

Under Omron’s leadership, the mobile robot has been updated to improve both product quality and usability. This is what you would expect from a Japanese company with the reputation and resources of Omron.

As a result of weeding out various shortcomings, Omron Adept Technologies has rereleased the mobile product line with a new supply chain, better quality controls, and a leaner bill of materials. These improvements are a welcome part of the new release.

Adept already had a market-leading mobile platform in terms of functionality and technology; Omron has optimized the product quality and scaled customer support. Marry those two capabilities with the huge sales channel that Omron offers, and you have the makings of a...

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