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Why Attend RoboBusiness?

RoboBusiness empowers over 2,000 attendees from around the world to learn from one another and build robotics strategies that can be immedaitely put to use to grow their businesses and stay ahead of the competition.

LEARN where the robotics industry is headed

INVEST in the right products at the right time

DISCOVER new companies and solutions

COMPARE the best solutions for your business and technology needs

CONNECT with the right customers and partners

INNOVATE ahead of competitors

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The Chief Robotics Officer: What You Need to Know

The Chief Robotics Officer (CRO) is an emerging role key to achieving corporate-wide robotics adoption. Learn what you need to know at this half day summit:

DEFINE the Role of the CRO
DEVELOP Your Robotics Vision
LEARN to Implement a Successful Robotics Strategy
CONSIDER Best Practices
NETWORK with Current & Aspiring CROs & Analysts

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