Invest, Innovate, Implement

October 15-17, 2014

Hynes Convention Center
Boston, MA


Keynote: Deploying 20 Autonomous Mobile Robots in a Hospital

October 24

Aldo Zini

President and CEO


Ken King

Chief Administrative Services Officer

El Camino Hospital

The Aethon TUG autonomous smart robot was highlighted on 60 Minutes as a solution at El Camino Hospital in  Mountain View, CA.  El Camino has 20 TUG robots performing a wide variety of tasks such as moving laboratory specimens, delivering meals, delivering clean linen and removing waste.  These 20 TUG robots coordinate as they move through the hospital and work among the staff.  In this session you will learn how robotics in healthcare improves service levels, employee safety and the bottom line.  You will also hear directly from an executive champion and end user of the technology who will discuss how his hospital justified the decision, approached the cultural issues, addressed technical considerations and quantified the benefits.

Session Code
KN05: Keynote: Deploying 20 Autonomous Mobile Robots in a Hospital