Invest, Innovate, Implement

October 15-17, 2014

Hynes Convention Center
Boston, MA


Keynote: The Road Ahead for U.S. Robotics

October 24

Henrik Christensen

KUKA Chair of Robotics

Georgia Institute of Technology College of Computing

Updated for the first time since 2009, the US National Robotics Roadmap —developed with input from 160 experts from industry and academia— was revamped and reformulated in 2013. Looking out over 5 to 10 to 15 years “down the road”, the 2013 robotics roadmap examines and forecasts the future of key business drivers, main technology gaps, as well as expected, emerging technologies. In this compelling and actionable keynote presentation, Henrik Christensen, chair of the U.S. National Robotics Roadmap project, will outline the main business drivers and technical application areas  for robots in the manufacturing, services, healthcare/medical, security/defence and space industries.

Session Code
KN02: Keynote: The Road Ahead for U.S. Robotics